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Designing Virtual Worlds Richard Bartle

Designing Virtual Worlds is a book written by Richard Bartle. It was published by New Riders in the year 2003. This book is a great guide in the field of creating virtual worlds.

Many reviewers have said that this book takes a step further than many other books in teaching about the rules and regulations of game design.

This book has been used even in colleges to teach courses about designing of virtual worlds and has been received warmly even by the general readers.


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Designing Virtual Worlds Richard Bartle

Designing Virtual Worlds:

The book takes a new approach to game design, which is different from what other books follow. The author says that the relationship of the player with the game depends on the identity of the person online and offline.

He says that technical factors do not affect this relationship. Players are not aware of whether the game will give them a good experience or not until they have played it.

It is the designer’s job to ensure that the player has a positive experience when playing the game. According to the author, the purpose of creating games and virtual worlds is to let the player explore himself and learn about his identity. Through games, a player learns of his skills and things he or she is interested in.


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Designing Virtual Worlds Features:

  1. The author takes a different approach to game design, associating it with identities rather than technical factors.
  2. According to many reviews, this book is a must-read for those people who want to learn how to make these places.
  3. Also, the book has been called a bible for developers and designers of virtual worlds.
  4. The author stresses the creation of a game that will let the player learn about his nature and explore his identity online and offline.


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