Game Design Theory and Practice Pdf by Richard Rouse

Game Design: Theory and Practice is a book written by Richard Rouse. The book has been published by Jones and Barlett. It was available for purchase in the market in the year 2010.

The book, as the name, suggests if aimed at teaching game design to beginners and helping out experts in the field. This book is an essential read for game developers and everyone who is obsessed with games.

The second edition has been revised to contain extra and new information about the latest trends in game design and more advice on how to stay on top of your game.


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Game Design: Theory and Practice Pdf

Game Design: Theory and Practice Review:

In the book, the author talks about all the concepts that have to be kept in consideration when designing a game. He goes on to explain all these concepts and also teaches the readers about the implementation of these concepts.

Rouse talks from his own experience and guides the readers about successful game design. The new trends in the field are also mentioned in the book.

The author lays emphasis on following the concepts and he even gives examples to prove how following these concepts can result in successful game design.


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Game Design: Theory and Practice Features:

  • Anyone who is in any way associated with the field of gaming can benefit from this book.
  • This book is a handy tool for teachers who are teaching the course of game design books and it is also a useful resource for students aiming to be game designers.
  • The author has firstly talked about the theory regarding game design and then he goes on to talk about the practices that are involved in making a game successful.
  • The latest edition is updated and has extra information about the newer concepts that are being introduced in the world of gaming.