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He Awakening Book

is a great book which is a masterpiece novel written by Kate Chopin. It was published in 1899 where it was originally titled A Solitary Soul. The novel hence depicts a story about the young mother’s struggle to successfully achieve sexual and personal emancipation within the oppressive environment of the postbellum American South.

He Awakening PDF free Download

The Awakening Summary:

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The Awakening e-book is about the young protagonist named Edna Pontellier who is all considering herself to be an autonomous human being and takes her into the category of the rebels against all the social norms by hence leaving her husband Leónce. She was even involved in an affair.

Starting portion of the novel is all about the storyline which is taking place in the Grand Isle which is an island off the coast of Louisiana. By the time of summer, it has been all inhabited by the upper-class Creole families from New Orleans where they do escape from the high heat and just for relaxing out by the ocean. Women and kids used to stay on the island but men used to go back for their work.

Edna was living without her husband due to which certain desires started to arise in her related to the fun life. She started facing some sort of conflict within the dominant values of her own time.

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