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history of costume rachel

Title: History of Costume .

Author: Rachel H kemper.

Edition: N/A.

Type: Handbook Pdf, Epub & Ebook.

Pages: 200.


History of Costume and fashion is a book written by Carl E Euler and Emma von Sic hart. The book was published by Courier Corporation and it was released in the market in 1928.

The book has 484 pages and all these pages are filled with historical knowledge about costume and costume design.

In History of costume book, the author has talked about the way dress design has evolved throughout the ages and how dresses were back in the day.

History of costume textbook focuses on the history of costume and the author has done so by going through the pain of finding the dresses that have remained from history.

From this book, you can also learn about the History of costumes in theatre and how it has changed throughout the years. In the end, download History of Costume Pdf free.

history of costume rachel

History of Costume Review:

History of Costume summary shows that dress has changed a lot from olden times till modern times. The author has used information from the most reliable sources.


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Students and other general readers will learn about different types of costumes and what is a costume. Firstly, readers need to develop their idea of the dress and what the writer actually means when he mentions the word ‘dress’.

In those instances where the real dress cannot be found, the author has used information from the relics, paintings, and statues that he could find from the history.


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History of Costume Features:

  1. History of Costume eBook is filled with interesting details about how dress developed and how the art of dressmaking in general and in theatre evolved throughout the ages.
  2. History of Costume Epub is another version of the book which helps the reader to understand the breakthroughs that have come in the field of costume since the start of time.
  3. The author has used dresses that have been preserved through history.


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