Los Logos 6 Pdf Free Download

Los Logos 6 Pdf

Title: Los Logos .

Author/Editor: Robert Klanten.

Edition: 6.

Type: Handbook Pdf, Epub & Ebook.

Pages: .

Introduction to los logo:

Los Logos is a book written by the collaboration of three authors namely Robert Klanten, Michael Mischlera and Nicolas Bourquin.

The book was published in 2009 under the publishing house of Gastatlen. It is a design book which contains a new approach to design.

The book gives insight into the newest and current developments in the field of logo design. It also contains an overview of the advancements that have taken place over time, in this field

Los Logos 6 Pdf

Los Logos Review:

The book explains how logos make up brands. They are responsible for shaping the identity and image of a brand. Moreover, they also make the image of any individual or the company.

The previous books by the authors have focused on the general perspectives in designing of logos. This particular book is confined to talking about the recent and more prevalent tendencies that can be seen in the world of logo design.

The authors have touched on some approaches that are co-existing in the field to make what logo design is today. Also, they have added the work or top logo designers from around the world in their book.


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The best part about the book is that it does not endorse latest trends. The authors have tried to teach the designers and their clients that the requirements for different projects are different and not all of them are compatible with the current trends in logo design.

Los Logos Features:

  • From an economic perspective, it is important to have a design that compliments your idea since the creation of brand identity is very important for a company.
  • Innovation plays a role in building brand image. This concept has been explained by the authors in their book.
  • The latest edition is the fifth one in which the authors have limited their scope to design trends of today.


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