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Rules of Play

Title: Rules of Play .

Author: Eric Zimmerman and Katie Salen.

Edition: Game Design Fundamental.

Type: Handbook Pdf, Epub & Ebook.

Pages: 694.

Rules of Play Introduction

Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals is a book written by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman on the subject of game design.


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The book was published by MIT Press and has received a lot of appreciation. Will Wright is a designer from the popular game Sim City.

He said about this book that he found this book to be the most impressive one of game design. He said that this book has set some new standards when it comes to game design analysis.

Rules of Play

Rules of Play Review:

The writers have explained every aspect from their own point of view. First of all, they talk about meaningful gameplay and what it means to have a gameplay that has an impeccable design.

They also talk about design and the semiotic elements concerned with design. The writers have explained how each gameplay and the system contains four elements. They go on to use the example of chess for this.


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There is a connection between game and play, which is touched on by the writers. They have given the definitions of game and game design that is widely accepted today.

Then, they go on to give their own definitions of game design and game design. They talk about rules in general and then go on to talk specifically about the rules of digital games.

They believe that all games have the same dynamics no matter which medium they are being played in. However, digital games have four unique and distinguishing features.

Rules of Play Features:

  • The book describes the different aspects of game design and play.
  • Along with mentioning the much-accepted definitions of the terms associated with game design, the authors have also written their own definitions.
  • The book has been received warmly by the readers and has got positive reviews.

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