The Elements of Style Pdf 4th Edition By Willliam Strunk Jr

The Elements of Style Pdf 4th Edition By Willliam Strunk Jr

Title: The Elements of Style.

Author:William Strunk Jr

Edition: N/A

Type: Handbook Pdf, Epub & Ebook.


The Elements of Style  4th Edition By Willliam Strunk Jr:

The Elements of Style is a book written by the American author William Strunk Jr. It was published in 1920 under the publishing house of Harcourt.

The book is a guide to writing styles for people who have professions that are concerned with writing. In the book, the author has explained eight elementary rules for usage of writing styles and words.


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The Elements of Style Pdf 4th Edition By Willliam Strunk Jr

The Elements of Style Review:

The author has covered all topics from the styles of writing to the composition of a text.  Along with that, there are 10 rules of composition of words and styles.

There is also a section in which the author has talked about some words and expressions that are not used properly in daily conversation and writing. Similarly, there is also a list of words that are misspelled commonly by people.

There are a total of 57 words in this list. In 1959, the book was published again by Macmillan. The TIME magazine named this book as one of the most influential books written after the year 1923.

The author has focused on the use of active voice in writing style. It is a book about American writing style that can be used by anyone who has anything to do with writing.

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The Elements of Style Features:

  • The book focuses on the main aspect of writing in style, which according to the writer is to omit needless words. These words take away the essence of a sentence or a text.
  • Along with writing styles, the book also talks about misused and misspelled words that are common in our day to day life.
  • The book can serve as a guide for teachers who are teaching their students about writing style or an aspiring author who wants his work to be correct and in accordance with the rule of language.