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The Giver book has been written by Lois Lowry which is spinning around the story of Jonas who is 11 years old living in a tough futuristic society. This society has eliminated all his feelings of hatred, pain, war, and fear. There is no such feeling of prejudice because everyone is looking and acting the same.

In The Giver e-book, it is clearly depicted that the society has even eliminated the choices where 12 years old member of the community is assigned with the job on the basis of the interests and abilities.

The Giver PDF Free Download

The Giver Summary:

Moving ahead we will move to the analysis of The Giver summary! The whole Giver story is based on the morally driven concept which is about the young boy, Jonas. He used to live in a society which is free from sadness and crimes. As he grows to 12 years old, he was assigned the job where he chose the job of being the “memory keeper” for himself.

The lack of communication that Jonas has with his parents is another major element of the story. At the starting of the story, Jonas was an ordinary kid of the community who used to trust his parents. But Giver showed Jonas, the tape in which his father has released the newborn baby where he was killing and disposing of the baby. This was the moment when he lost trust and admiration in his father.

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The Giver Free Download:

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