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The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book: Everything Interior

Title: Interior Design Reference and Specification Book.

Author: Chris Grimley.

Edition: N/A.

Type: Handbook Pdf, Epub & Ebook.



Interior Design Reference and Specification Book, The: Everything Interior is a book written by the authors Chris Grimley and Mimi Love. As the name suggests, the book is all about interior design and it focuses on the different aspects of interior design that professionals take in consideration when at work.

The book was published by Rock-port Publishers in the year 2013. It contains all sorts of information about decorating small and large spaces alike.


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Interior Design Reference and Specification Book, The: Everything Interior Review:

The book starts by explaining the fundamentals of interior design. The author has explained the professional aspects of interior design such as the scheduling of design and the tools that are used in the process.

There is a section on spacing that deals with the process of decorating an available space by keeping the spatial environment in consideration and ensuring life-safety of the inhabitants.


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In the section called surface, the authors have talked about the texture and the color of the interior design. It also deals with the patterns that are to be used and the association between pattern and color.

There is also a section dealing with the creation of a particular environment such as a funky one or a sophisticated one.


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Interior Design Reference and Specification Book, The: Everything Interior Features:

  • The book has information about the different aspects of interior decor such as the environment, space and color patterns to be used.
  • It also has interviews with the practitioners from all around the world so the reader will also get an insight into the professional view about the different topics mentioned in the book.
  • Interior decor experts can use this book for reference and even the homeowners can use this for DIY projects around the house.

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