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The picture of Dorian gray book is a philosophical novel by Oscar Wilde. A shorter novella-length version was published complete in July. A longer version was published as a book in April 1891. It was Wilde’s only novel.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Book

The picture of Dorian gray summary:

Here comes the picture of Dorian gray summary! The picture of Dorian gray e-book is the story of one beautiful, innocent young man’s seduction, moral corruption, and eventual downfall. And, oh yeah: it’s also the story of a really creepy painting.

We meet our three central characters at the beginning of the book, when painter Basil Hallward and his close friend, Lord Henry Wotton, are discussing the subject of Basil’s newest painting, a gorgeous young thing named Dorian Gray. Basil and Henry discuss just how perfectly perfect Dorian is—he’s totally innocent and completely good, as well as being the most beautiful guy ever to walk the earth. Lord Henry wants to meet this mysterious boy, but Basil doesn’t want him to; for some reason, he’s afraid of what will happen to Dorian if Lord Henry digs his claws into him.

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However, Lord Henry gets his wish—Dorian shows up that very afternoon, and, over the course of the day, Henry manages to totally change Dorian’s perspective on the world. From that point on, Dorian’s previously innocent point of view is dramatically different—he begins to see life as Lord Henry does, as a succession of pleasures in which questions of good and evil are irrelevant.

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