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Title: Thinking with Type .

Author: Ellen Lupton.

Edition: N/A.

Type: Handbook Pdf, Epub & Ebook.


Thinking with Type Introduction:

Thinking With Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors and Students PDF is a book about design that is a great read for everyone in the field.

The book was written by Ellen Lupton and was published originally in 2004. The book became a bestseller upon its release as it contained some valuable information for everyone, from students to experts in the field.

The first edition got a lot of appreciation from the readers and the second one came back with updated and revised information. It has been revised by the author to include the latest information about the field.


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This books acts as a guide for everyone in the field to learn how to use typography in design. In the new edition, the author has added 48 new pages, with the latest and revised information.

Along with teaching the readers how to use the design on the web, the book also teaches them the use of typography on paper. Readers will learn about the usage of ornaments in design and how to not overdo anything.

Readers will also gain insight into how to use lining numerals and non-lining numerals. Most designers need to gain information about the use of captions and this text provides them with it.

Moreover, it also teaches the readers about the uses of mixed interfaces. They will become aware of font licensing and hand lettering for their design projects.


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  • The author has explained everything with examples so that the readers can actually understand the concepts better.
  • This book is a guide for every single person who has work to do with words.
  • Visual examples are also a part of the book, to make the readers see how the examples look in action.
  • It deals with aspects of the anatomy, scale, and font of the typographic fonts.

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